Guiding the governance of emerging technologies for a long and flourishing future


At Concordia Consulting, we envision a world in which transformative technologies are developed and governed wisely for ensuring a long and flourishing future. Our current focus is promoting the safe and responsible development of artificial intelligence. To improve global preparedness for technological transformation, we advise and connect leaders from industry and academia in China, the United States, and Europe. Our work draws upon deep cross-cultural expertise and an extensive network of advisers and collaborators.

Our Approach

Concordia Consulting primarily provides bespoke strategic advice relating to the safe and responsible development of artificial intelligence. 

Our advice is trusted by some of the world’s leading technology companies, research labs, and thought leaders in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Our work is informed by cutting-edge research through collaborations with Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and UC Berkeley’s Center for Human-Compatible AI.

We are an independent agency committed to providing objective advice. We are not affiliated to or funded by any political group. 

All of our staff are professionally bilingual in English and Chinese. They have studied at universities including Harvard, Oxford, and Peking University.

Our Founder ​

Brian Tse is a Policy Affiliate at the University of Oxford’s Centre for the Governance of AI, one of the founding members of the Beijing Academy of AI’s AI for Sustainable Development Goals (AI4SDGs) Cooperation Network, and a former Senior Advisor at the Partnership on AI. He has served on the organizing committee of safety-related workshops at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Conference, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), and International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM). He has also been a member of the IEEE P2894 Explainable AI Working Group, IEEE P2863 Organizational Governance of AI Working Group, and the UNICRI-INTERPOL AI Expert Working Group. Brian has been invited to speak at Stanford, Oxford, Tsinghua, and Peking University on great power relations and global catastrophic risks.


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